The Rainbow

A dance of such enervation
The rain summoned with a venerable performance
The dancers to the drum beat of invigoration
Clouds darkened with ferocious intention

The heavens opened up to a downpour torrential
To reveal a heart of lavish opulence
A deluge of obvious abundance
Live giving waters of sparkling freshness

The hills, the mountains and the trees
Their green plush upholstery cleaned
The flowers, the butterflies and the bumblebees
Their vivacious colours more vivid it seems

The streams gushing down hills with such energy
Pure enjoying with cool rippling laughter
Birds chirpier than usual each other a chasing
Take a dip in bathtubs of puddles of water

Nature revived , an exuberant audience in waiting
With much excitement the next scene to begin
The skies have cleared the curtains are raising
Lo! Behold an awe inspiring Diva unraveling

A beautiful flamenco dancer with skirts flowing
Colours seven of luminescent shimmering
Shining gems studded the material twinkling
Clouds of white fluffy lace a bordering

The gems of purple Amethyst, of Indigo the colour the gem
Of blue Sapphire, yellow Citrine and of orange Carnelian
Green Emerald, red Ruby and of a zillion hues of dazzlement
The intriguing dancer’s attire of a crystalized linear pattern

As she curved her body of fluidity
Her soft feet towards the east touching
Nimble fingers towards the west extending
A circular rainbow of seven colours forming

Her headgear of diamonds glittering
The centerpiece the Kohinoor the jewel of the queen
Is the sun in all its brilliance showing
Rays all the brighter with the colours playing

God has spoken His showing of respite
Of darkening clouds and worrisome thoughts
I am here for you so dispel your distraught
And partake this breathtaking scenery a lesson in Nature’s course !

By: Mariam Bee, Ipoh, Perak