Give me a flower


Give me a flower and I’ll give you all the virtues

That have been bestowed upon her by nature

So generous that all others are put to shame

A flower is a flower and she can never go by any other name

Give me a flower and I’ll tell you of her fragrance

Of perfumes created from her pure essence

Sweet smelling vapours that have wafted the ages descend

Nature melted to lull us in pleasant ambiance

Of mesmerising scents that attract insects to her procreation

A frenzy pollination her survival in assurance

Give me a flower and I’ll tell of nature’s abundant endowment

Of colours that bring such joy in profusion

A splash of the brush in a bounteous inspiration

A limitless palette of colours from the deep to the gentle

A speechless array dabble to eyes beholden

To the hungrier insects a spreeful begotten

Give me a flower and I’ll tell of an array of the softest to the soft

The gentlest feel that blows with the wind

Or the crimson enchantress with the thorn thorny

The sunny yellow cupful that greets with cheery

Or the alluring tropical maiden with her open feet

Paper crisp petals that gather in clusters

Or tall virgins in bridal white bright startled

Give me a flower and I’ll tell you of a winery of barrels full

Flowers filled with nectar sweet cupful

Honey from the heavens for the insects in delightful

Intoxicated stupor they flit in a sipful

Pollens cling to their hairy feet in bountiful

Off to get another drink the blossoms in waitful

Written in the ink of a thousand hues

On a paper that spread the dome true

By a Hand that has thought the matter through

Give me a flower and I’ll tell you a story untold!

By: Mariam Bee, Ipoh, Perak