My Fair Weather Friend

My fair weather friend did a mean disappearing act
At a time when I needed her real bad

Desperate when I turned to her most
She simply vanished like a frightening ghost

Impending thunder clouds my horizon gave her the shiver
My predicament she’d ponder not lest it gave her a fever

She did a Chipsmore on me ‘now you see me now you don’t!’
Left me alone to fight my battles on my own

Would have made a brilliant illusionist to the crowds furore
A hidden talent I had no idea she had, a wicked story

She also did a Star Trek on me and beamed herself off
Reminds me of the sinking Black Pearl the rats the first to scurry out

Her antenna goes haywire at the whiff of misery
As mimosa leaves does she closes up at my difficulty

With a depleted treasury to her I’m of no use
She left me high and dry to soar to pastures new

Many of while I’ve extended my hand in her time of need
She feigns a loss of memory to my countless good deed

She’d partake my merriment in many a good time
What was mine was hers, what was hers was not mine

She had opened my eyes to the wiles of the common mind
A doctorate I’d obtained from the University of Hard Knocks, a good sign!

Wary now my naïve self burned , am particular now my choice of a friend
Never I’d choose one who would be a story of my fair weather friend!

By: Mariam Bee, Ipoh, Perak