An Ode To Jamal

O! you who swim among the ethereal coral reef

Luxurious beauty beyond belief

Venture towards the dark sea

Heavy waters a view so bleak

An executioner’s blade one so sleek

Over my neck my mistakes dip

A moments wait to take a swing

My foray into uncharted seas

Talk not to me of lightness please

The advice I took from the imbecilic

Suspect I now if given deceitfully

Took me to the doldrums of my living

The dark deeps my blunder pulling

To swim in rough seas stormy

I’m sinking my hands desperately waving

My survival I trust not the least

Talk not to me of laughter please

Easier said than my person feel

Words are words a tongue easy

Day in and out my breathing unforeseen

Not a dime to my savings redeem

Nothing to fall back on or so it seem

Trampled to pulp my dignity

My life shattered to pieces multiplying

Talk not to me of laughter please

The weakness of the human race surfacing

Honesty to the window fleeing

Been made a snarling dictating to give

For favours extended in times of need

A vicious tongue of generosity unseen

Greatly now to tighten their
savings keep

A trembling fear their treasury I’ll deplete

Talk not to me of laughter please

By: Mariam Bee, Ipoh, Perak