Civilizations of great lay bare in ruins
Their splendour a dust dispersed into the air a wisp

Whispers of grandeur through palatial halls a lost dream
The opulence the sweat of blood, of mortals of no means

The far look of noble vision is how it begins
The fineness of great minds think ahead to shape things

The ensuing prosperity a fertile ground of greedy hearts spawning
The heedless need of more and more , of the end the beginning

An endless tale of greediness spun again and again
A yarn woven into the lives of man by the trickier fingers of Satan

For greed you are in the image of the devil
The devious one uses you as a marauding evil

To throw into disarray God’s finest handiwork
The destruction of many by a few a mean crafty work

The cry of the needful a
merciless stomp
Of the feet of the greedy, of the pomp

All the good taught in the blood from young bled out
Your insatiable wants equal to labours perspire not

Like the ground clouds all that be good vanishing
Black the colour the heart of greed swelling

Faces turning blue drowning in affluence
The sacrificial lamb of greed, man of no influence

The dishonest you’d be a boon
Their coffers expand only too soon

To acquire wealth with no loss of sweat
A lethargy of flesh the softest bed to rest

The swollen waters of greediness
Meanders into the turbulent sea of unscrupulousness

Unknowing boats thrown into waves of hopelessness
An ever mundane sailing of unworthiness

The light-headedness of the temptations of money
A lesson not learnt of history !

By: Mariam Bee, Ipoh, Perak