Of Lesser Traits

There was once two friends of times old
Hand in hand their steps light on the toe

One a wee bit ahead followed by the other closely
Comrades in crime they only work so profusely

One of eyes tinges of green
The other a shade of greener gleam

The timid one named Envy.
The fiery one the good name be Jealousy

Together like Bonnie and Clyde they cause such havoc
Into unseeming souls a Pandora’s box unlock

A reign of terror they bring
One of the seven deadly sins

Envy sows its seed first on minds muddied
While Jealousy sprouts to grasp with roots deep

Whispers of wants less bestowed upon we
The unfairness of the whole make of humanity

Of some showered with all that is good
And some into the bowels of living doomed

Like venomous poison spew
by the serpent
In the heavenly tranquility of the Garden of Eden

Our minds poisoned by the feelings of having none
Of so strong that our basic goodness undone

In all of us the serpent lurks in different shades
Of lighter to darker the green of his eyes take

Of how high he rears his ugly head
Our higher traits he’d overtake

Inside us we shrivel into an ugly being
Outside we’d be the sweetest of sweet be

Soon we’d be found out this masked charade
Our screaming heart be unveiled in life’s masquerade

Our deeds our words a glass of transparence
Will be found through though much hidden

A singeing rain of poison would hit unknowing victims suddenly
To be taken off guard to wonder why this raging

The ugliness of this two criminals cause much sorrow
Bewildered paining hearts face us not on the morrow

Envy and Jealousy if their antics not kept in check
A higher throne they’d be seated a horde of lesser traits their subjects!

By: Mariam  Bee,Ipoh,  Perak