Wasted tears

Cry not my dear,
Of such a waste our tears

Eyes sunken our beauty lost
In time we’ll wonder why the cause
For time ah! the blessed time.

The greatest balm to this cursed mime
Our best friend in times of betrayal

In patience it smooth us out of this upheaval
When in turmoil our hearts crush

The ones that cause, from ourselves rush
Oblivious the smithereens our broken heart

The pieces tear our insides of convulsing darts
Alas! Heartbreak is of the worst one

We drown in sorrow a lifeboat none
Sucked into a whirlpool helpless

Into the bowels of life sleepless
Our pillows stained with rivers of salt

Deep down we know it’s not our fault
Fallen out of love from their hearts , we’re cast away

We’ll drift a rudderless boat of much sway
A oar of hope will extend our way

Paddle this sinking boat from being pulled away
For faith is woven into this skin we wear

An intricate design of whorls of life’s glaring stare
Our tears will be washed away with our cleanse of strength

Its saltiness be diluted with valiance of length
We’ll cry but that’s how much we’ll cry the least

Waste not our beauty or health this heartless beast
Like the Phoenix we’ll rise from the ash

To soar to heights with none of our tears splash!


Mariam Bee, Ipoh, Perak.