A Spider’s Web


An architect of meticulous nature
A crafty builder of tiny stature

Not a pupil of geometry
Nor of mathematical study

Builds a structure of intricate symmetry
Follows an innate nature instinctive

The littlest puny spider
With nifty legs a superb

Spin an abode of sticky threads
The home a spreading trap of meaty treats

Like Mammy’s skilful lacework
The spider’s sprawled witchwork

Victims enticed into her shimmering web
Dissolved mucoid a tasteful sap

Her laborious performance done for the day
A bellyful she awaits another day to ensnare her prey

Who pray tell your magnanimous Teacher
A dextrous skill an amazing designer

As nature is to nature be
An instinct so perfect my senses bedazzled still

My head I bow in admiration to this entity
My Creator’s many designs in Serenity!

By: Mariam Bee, Ipoh, Perak.