A Coloured Sky


You stood next to me and it felt like an adventure; with the sky painted a familiar pastel, and the birds chirping to our song.
These daisies tickle my feet, while sunflowers bloom in the distance; before the sun curtseys, and the horizon speaks volumes I have yet to comprehend.
And if I were to paint you, I would in a splendor of colors
If I would, I would color you yellow for the gleam in my eyes
May I; with a splash of green in the shade of calm within the red sea
Grey, for the pragmatist I see in you
A straggly white in the face of naiveté
Royal blue; for the connoisseur you are in your desires
Lilac & violet deem unfit: a pastel sky,
is a far cry
If I would, I would color you black, for all of our countless vices.
But mostly, I would embellish you in gold for the centerpiece that you are
And of all my daytime vices, you are my favourite.


By: Levinnya Arumugam, Selangor