Fate’s Triumph

A triumph a triumph said my fate !

As she swirls and swirls her skirts a circling gait

To the beat the beat of drums a dizzy tread

She pulls me into a whirlpool straight

Away away she cast me away

A puny mortal in a boat astray

From the Port of Hope away away

With no remorse she cast me away

My thoughts my thoughts a melting pot of doubts

A shroud a shroud of venomous vapours cloud

My faithless heart a darkness sneakily clutch

To squeeze to squeeze to defeat a worn down heart

Down down I fall on my face

To get up to fall again

Forlorn forlorn this path this maze

Hope lost in a labyrinth
of no escape

A triumph a triumph said
my fate!

by : Mariam Bee, Ipoh, Perak