The Weeping Willow

Rather the upturned faces of most leaves contently

Soaking in the warmth of the sun’s rays shining

Prefer the leaves of the Weeping Willow droop down shyly

A svelte ballerina touching her toes her pose bending

A quandary this tree which pointy leaves shed tears of mystery

Into the quiet waters of a lake shimmering

For seeking refuge under the cool boughs sheltering

Are swift silver fishes in multitudes clamouring

The tree her gentle fan like branches with thin leaves laden heavily

So lovingly provides the much needed shade generously

Yet another beautiful story on its branches unraveling

Quite a myriad of colours of birds enjoying

The nimble swinging boughs of nature’s playground in the making

A symphony of tweeting and chittering chorusly

Like kindergarten children on their break gleefully chasing

A firm rebuke to their incessant chatting a needing

Tireless birds with unbroken banter cheerfully

So like a wedding party with hundreds of streamers hanging

This Weeping Willow is a perfect background for a sanctuary

Of happiness a plenty very to its name a contrary!

By: Mariam  Bee, Ipoh,  Perak