The Perfect Plan

As patient as the sun when it unfolds it’s shining
From a slumber refresh to unleash its brightening

Little rays take a peek from beyond the horizon
Like children snuggled under warm sheets peep arisen

Gently it reveals it’s gold in shades untold
In brilliant hues a dazzling play slowly takes hold

The dawning a graceful dance in its own pace
It’s rising well thought of never in haste

Nature blooms and blossoms blessed in its own time
A carefully written song of lyrics sublime

All we see surround us have their own rhythm
The beat matches a note in a perfect composition

An orchestra of finely trained musicians
Conducted by a Maestro of brilliant proportions

The pendulum in a perfect swing of time’s clock
Our world in equilibrium on a ethereal axis revolve

If only if only we partake this fabulous play its lines well written
To act in totality as the whole part lovingly penned

If we just would swim faithfully along the tide
Instead in vain we put up a mean fight

If we could blow with the wind trustingly
Instead we create a storm within ourselves readily

Well worn out we realise too late in the end
This is not at all what Nature had in its divine plan

For the Perfect Plan in a disarray of confused knots
Woven by the inept fingers of the know not

By: Mariam Bee,Ipoh, Perak