The Butterfly

Doodles of shameless colours sprout out
A slumber long of a miraculous turnout

An ugly duckling to a beautiful swan
A ravenous caterpillar of nonentity a butterfly born

A haste to crawl out a shambles of a home
An unsurpassed entry to this grand dome

To the full the butterfly to enjoy her short sojourn
A diva stretching out her splendid arm

Her wings of deft fingers and a careless brush
Cheery strokes of powdery lush feels of the softest touch

A winged Van Gogh each detail so exquisitely thought
A sparkling kaleidoscope an array of colours shout

Meticulous poise a veined wing to a craft expound
Fine lines a course runs to an art astound

So drunk in a beautous profusion , nymph like creatures tipsy about
A flitting frenzy of lingering kisses here there, a gentle flower pout

Up down she flutters a drink of sweet nectar her thirst to quench
Her tired wings to rest sits she on leaves of dew drops drench

Her grandiose display a quivering lethargy
She pauses a sip of nature to regain her energy

An enigma you’ll always be dear butterfly of poets and writers abound
A debt we owe you now as our spirit kindle a jingle from far beyond!

By: Mariam  Bee, Ipoh, Perak