This Sunday reminds me about you, Queen. I call you Queen, as in my heart, you reign.

I place you on the top

with that, I hope, the love showered will never stop

but postulate without contemplating you said is a waste

you need a man that can make you feel safe

and that day, remember;


we were sitting next to each other.

you eloquently told me that,

your heart is no longer mine,

(with your longing look to be released)

(as though you were imprisoned or something)

and is occupied with a man that you convinced better,

as the words spat,

sanity lifted from my mind.

you said,


and you left me, heading for that guy, and I,


and tears for you will never dry.

By: Shahrul Nizam Ahmad, Telok Panglima Garang, Selangor.