A Utopian Dream

What can I say this dear friend of mine
Who dreams a perfect dream in her own time

To see the world through her eye
A lasting look in search of Utopia

A world so blameless where honesty reign
Of maskless faces so ordained

In books of thought over the years
By thinking men of time far and near

A world of honesty from a word rules
Of hearts less shrouded with deceiving looks

Eyes which shine with beauty through
Purity engulfs the heart true

O! friend of mine please hear me out
Tis a wasteful endeavor you embark

For men of great the ages throughout
Have tried and tried to bring a change about

So let me soothe the lines your crinkled brow
You can rest your weary wandering now

For there are kindred idealists like you searching
On tip toes their mindful reaching

A lit lamp a grasping hold
High daylight seeking a same soul!

By: Mariam Bee, Ipoh, Perak