By The Sea

My eyes seek beyond endless waters of salt
Twinkling tinges undulating to the horizon exalt

Wavy seas of silken blue cloth
Distant snowfields of caressing clouds

The hovering sun high in golden hues
Gazing endearingly at the sea in a somber mood

Rolling milky white waves chasing the other
Galloping horses wild to the shore their mouths frother

My feet dig deep into the melted grain
To feel the soft sand soaked in brine

Excitement my spine through swarm
Curling toes to waters warm

I’m feeling the gentle breeze on my cheek
As I drink in the vision laid in front of me

My head swims in wonderment
Eyes brimming in tears of enjoyment

My stance is stilled mesmerised in intoxication
The mind lulled in the pure notes of a songful sensation

A bewildered heart singing a praise to the Glorious Painter
A Stroke of genius ever this gorgeous picture!

By: Mariam  Bee, Ipoh,  Perak