The Boy of Light

I remembered it hurt
It hurt seeing him hurt

I remembered feeling angry
Angry at all the people who made him feel unworthy

I remembered feeling proud
Proud despite the million things that broke him he only spoke words of kindness to the crowd.

I know
There’s so much more ahead of him
I know
There’s so much more to experience
I know
There will be lots of pain, anger and grief
I know
There’ll be moments he will feel beaten down below

But I know
I’ll be there through every heartache
I won’t turn away
For there is nothing he can say or do that will make me love him any less
For he is the best
The best thing that ever happened to me

When I felt the walls crumble around me
He shielded me and became my light
My gleaming light through the dark shadows of the night
The one that keeps me going
With his annoying obnoxious ways that I can never find boring
He coloured my life with his undying snorting laughter
The one I would always want everyday of my life here and in the hereafter.

By :


Aaron IV - Into the light by Doofiesaurus