When I say I live within the confines of multiple concrete walls
carefully constructed to look like a house,
Do not assume I feel safe and protected.
They say a house is a shelter
To shield us from external threats
But they are oblivious towards the dangers that lurk
Don’t you understand that the killer isn’t in the clouds ?
The murderer isn’t the rain
The psychopath doesn’t live next door
It lingers here
It is embedded in these walls
It is carved on the ceiling
It is sitting on the sofa
It is breathing at the nape of my neck.
This is a breeding ground for negativity
The crime scene left uninvestigated
And the backyard is a graveyard of all fallen victims.
We have mastered the finest architectural techniques
Yet we cannot erect a safe haven for ourselves.
We cannot drill and blast the area that surrounds our hearts
We cannot build a shelter for it
But we can water it with love
So that it grows strong enough to withstand
Everything that goes on

By: Phel Kaur, Kuala Lumpur.