Lust for Colors

(a poem for Vincent Van Gogh)

Sunflowers in magnificent bloom,
Petals and corollas in soft pastel,
Of vivid yellow, burn ochre and flaming auburn,
Like the radiant Sun rays,
Light up the dreaded gloom of your space,

Colors come to life,
For they had whispered to you,
That you’ve painted joy better than life itself,
Friends became strangers in paintings,
As you’ve suffered for your sanity…..

You saw colors changing hues,
In your beautiful mind,
Brilliant strokes and glazing lines,
Passionate expressions in flamboyant colors,
Concealed the darkness in your soul…

Daffodils and wheat fields,
Six hues of yellow,
With deep linings of gold,
And splendid dashes of white
For the afternoon gale has spoken to you…

Wheat stalks swaying in the wind,
Clouds changing shapes in the azure sky,
The birds were chirping in the tree tops,
They sang about your sanity,
For it was falling apart….

Shades of China blue in starry nights,
Amber green in morning mists,
You tried to show the world,
The true meaning of colors,
As you’ve always known them….

Black crows cawing,
Dark ominous clouds blanket the sky,
As you took your life with a gun,
This crazy world was never meant;
For someone as beautiful as you…

Starry, starry nights,
Beautiful as they ever be,
In the chilly cloudless night,
I pondered at your paintings,
Of your lust for colors…



Tofu the Cat, KL.