If Walls Could Talk

If walls could talk,
I wonder what mine would say…
Would it tell you stories of the tears I shed?
Would it tell you of the pain that I beared?
How I screamed,
yelled at the moon,
dropped to my knees
and curse the day that I was ever born?
Or would it tell you happy stories?
Stories where I spent the night laughing,
teasing him through a screen,
celebrating the day where I turned nineteen,
Sitting in front of a blank screen trying to find words that rhymed with nineteen.

If walls could talk,
I would surely get in trouble.
These walls know too much,
They know of the anguish,
the rage,
the pain,
the laughs,
the secrets
That I’ve kept safely hidden away.

If walls could talk,
I wonder what mine would think
Of who I’ve become today.

These walls have been with me,
All 19 years of my life,
They’re the only ones who’ve never given me strife.
They’ve been my silent protectors
Against all evil.

They’ve been my shield,
A place to think
And heal.


Riya Sarna, KL.