Look at the constellation of stars and hang my left limb loose

Up atop; you’re a lightning cruise

Well, you never fail to amuse

Even when, in my hands, you see a noose


Your silly smile

And handsome lips

How can I defy?

The way you look into my eye

a soul rich with none but a lie.


Now, don’t you dare

look at me,

With eyes that speak other than deceit

And don’t you dare,

invite me,

to what I hear, is a stunning feat

Though my heart’s a studded cleat,

Somehow; you muddle and defeat


To look on at what could have been

When you promise her all but none

And don’t you dare tell me

damn you, we could have been big bright stars

As if you could fit forever

in between,

sorrows, quirks, and a stale sin


You and I, we’re miles apart

But, no.

You’re here


I’m here

But my hands are in my pockets

and yours are in hers; and my oh my, they fit like plugs in a socket


Hey honey,

hope you’re feeling kinda silly.


I hang my left limb loose

I tighten the noose

Waiting for you to amuse

But, no.

Levinnnya Arumugam, Selangor.