Ode to Humanity

H. U. M. A. N. I. T. Y.

Eight letters strung together by human bond

To form an act of generosity

A word mortal race lacks of in their vocabulary

A simple action that became a burden to the society


“Help him! He’s dying.”

As another status being updated on Twitter

For the world to see

Their oh so thoughtful concern

100K retweets 25K likes

Yet no one bothered to help

Reposting the same thing

Over and over and over again


The human race are selfish creatures

With their ignorant lust

And the need to be on top

How foolish was I

To believe that they did it for love?

All the tainted deals made

Only for the sake of being prized


Oh humankind you lost my faith

The moment I tune on the news

Only to be greeted by the corrupted politicians

And struggling artists with their never ending controversies


What do we really have, if we don’t have humanity?

Nuha, Kelantan.