I knew how it happened

You see, I knew how it happened..

My senses of familiarity were ignited;

Each and every cell within me lighting up in response to 

Your very presence from the very first time we talked

About things that we both love
It wasn’t something that happened abruptly

Like seemingly endless fireworks in the night sky

But it was something that happened gradually;

A realization that took root when I started to

Share things with you I usually wouldn’t with 

Other people on a daily basis and when I started to

Allow you to share things with me as I had 
Unknowingly played a small part of a confidant

In many ways you seem to be someone who

I have known for a very long time as you would

Pour your heart’s content to me that

Whatever comes to mind you would share
Without any hesitation or reservations
Though, at times I just have this little wish
That we could communicate in silence and simply
Imbibe the space – without a word, without an act

Truthfully, I have no qualms in being your confidant

Because for some reason I feel that you are seeking

Something in your life to make you feel complete

Although I would from time-to-time remind you

That you are a self-sufficient being, that you are

Complete without the need of anyone or anything

That you are most complete when you are alone

Because in being alone you are with everything

And that solitude is but a word and a deception

So here I offer you this place within me that

If you ever feel the need to seek refuge in solace

You may plunge headlong into this ‘safe space’

Because let me tell you this that although

There are no safety nets here to catch your fall

There are no grounds to fall upon either

I know that at the end of it all one would question:

“To what end, to what cause, this act of your’s?”

And I would say: “Simply, just because.”

Simply, because I wanted to keep myself like an open doorway;

Feel free to come and go at any point in time

Simply, because I wanted to make myself like an offering;

Free for the taking and not expecting anything in return

A fool – maybe that’s what they would call me

But I have no such concerns because I am willing

And although I have this deep longing within me

I feel no need to act upon it because
I am not here to claim ownership or to hoard
Over what is you and what is your’s and

I am not here to extract your love or your joy;

I know the entrapment of such illusions

Perhaps all this would be but a fleeting moment in time;

Like wayfarers our paths would cross on silken road

And our gazes would meet under stars aligned

All but for a brief moment where our Heartbells would toll

And slowly come to a halt as we move along our paths,

The silence once again enveloping as the distance grow

And when the Wayfarer’s gaze meet another yet again

He would tell a whole new tale all over again..

“You see, I knew how it happened..”

Kevin Lau, KL.