Eyes closed, as if deep in a wakeful slumber

Here I stand in tune with everything;

This feeling – so subtle, so soft and gentle

Yet absolute and whole.

Eyes opened, gently receiving the Light

I looked around me in a wakeful daze;

The trees, the rocks, the ground, the skies, the mountains and morning mists

Feeling so utterly puny, thinking if I even existed

“Am I of the bounded or unbounded?”, I asked myself in a drunken state of awe

The boundaries within me, broken,

My sense of proximity, shattered.

Eyes closed again, hands gently pressed against my chest

There I found a deep-seated longing within;

The desire of wanting to shed this exclusivity and to be included

Into everything and nothing all at once

Just like a drop of water, longing to merge once more with the ocean.

Kevin Lau, KL.