Remember me

When you gaze upon the moon, searching for the stars,

remember me for my affinity of the sky, the stars and mostly, of the moon.
Look for me amongst writings,

remember me for my habit of borrowing words for they expressed what I couldn’t.
Feel my presence in certain secluded spots where you can always find me,

remember me for my hiding spots of comfort.
When you hear spoken words,

remember me for my stories.
Of all your nightmares in deepest of thoughts,

feel my arms around you,

remember me for trying to calm your demons for you.
During the darkest of nights when you can’t sleep,

look for the light of the “constellations”,

remember me for that light…because that’s how I can try to be with you.
Remember me for the tempest that I am.

For creating storms wherever I go,

For the wilderness that is my mind.

A.Saidin, Penang (Written: 2/6/2015)