Penned to A.

Do you remember me?

Like a melody you used to sing.

Like a coat you used to bring.

A hat you used to wear.

Do you remember me?

I’m afraid.

Of the walks we’ve had and the talks we sat and balked, and laughed.

The trains of thoughts that lost their gain and fought the wrongs but braved the rights, with no end in sight.

We poured our hearts out to the last, we could not last, it ended fast.

Stray sights, that flit and by like lights , the things that hide your feelings and mine entwined are memories forgotten, tame the wildest dreams I’d had of you and me, the seams you pull them free.

I try to purge the words and sounds that lurk, they hurt, they sting, they bite. Will they ever leave my sight?

I’ll never know, I’m too afraid to let them go.

Dark eyes that once were lit by love, the flames beneath the games and soul we shared.

The things we had together were ever to be saved, but hell and high water came and you didn’t stay, you break. I don’t know what to think of that.

I’m sad.

We sat and talked, we loved, caressed, we hurt and rested, we were tested by the best and the worst.

When we fought I fought to see the shadow of your face that said “I love you,” whispered in my ear that drove the fear away, but one day it wasn’t there to stay.

I prayed.

Wished to love you even more, a blessing to your door, but failure was my greatest fear and it played me to the floor.

I thought you didn’t want me anymore.

But we are long and gone, we’re young, there’s time to fix the wrongs we’d done.

Life is full of mysteries that twist and turn epiphanies to tragedy, and, m’love, it don’t come free.

I learned that pain was a way to learn and not decay.

A stagnant stream is not okay, a love that flows, a life that goes away, and children go out to play.

You and I were born apart, and for a few moons the strength of our heart drew us together through time and space, and got what others hoped to race for, it’s not a waste.

We had a taste of passion, love, and grace.

We’ll always keep looking.


Viktor Tey, KL.