Year by year,

All the shattered memories of you,

Slowly dispersing and fading,

If time is under my control,

I will never choose you 

out of loneliness.

If I know you are not the one,

I should have shoved your hands

and keep a distance from you

since the day we sat by the dark brown bench,

that very one midnight.

The sour feelings of yesterday,

Teaches me about love,

Shapes who I am today,

Makes me know that

dark and light does not equally yoked together,

and shouldn’t be merged together as one.

My regrets teaches me to be careful

of my own thoughts,


and regret shall never dominate me,

If I know it would be a regret today,

I should have let my fear be my anchor

of my strength,

from pursuing love.

Ong Li Yuan, Johor.