Durian (A tribute to the King) 

Rich flavors indescribable,

A true wild cacophony of nature,

Flavors that fire up your gastronomy furnace,

Seizes your olfactory senses in ecstasy,

As though you’ve gone to heaven…


Hard thorns lining its green husk,

Non symmetrical in shapes,

A gargantuan among fruits,

Rind with nurture chambers,

Sleeps within, sweet silky cream-white pulps,


Rich custard highly flavored with almonds and wines,

Creamy glutinous smoothness unsurpassed,

Ester, ketones, aldehydes, sugar and sulphuric metaphors,

And other incongruous weird X-factors ,

Concocted in the cauldrons of Mother Nature….


The undisputed King,

A strange fruit with strong pungent smell,

Love by many, despise by some,

Musky at times, menacingly pleasant always,

A passion only the gastronomically learned will appreciate….


As the King’s season folds in,

Hypnotic ‘raspberry-cheese-champaign’ profusion permeates the air,

Love is all around,

Durian die-hard lovers running amok in frenzies,

Time for that heavenly sensation again….


As the silky smooth pulp enters the mouth,

Explosion of exquisite flavors unbound in timing layers,

Tears is in your eyes,

As you try to capture the heavenly tastes,

You were drowned in a gastronomic sea of wonders…..


Tofu the Cat, KL.