You the ungrateful

Feasting in drink I see the ungratefuls,

They tinker, they toy, the fools try to improve

LIFE! with their unoriginal fancy tools,

A stunted pale rosebush they might well be,

Slowly exploring the darkness they stare,

In truth; those delicious fruits they bear,

It’s gone! before it sprouts; without a care.

The mythical fountain of youth they seek,

Wasting away their youthful years they seek,

Gone! The far-reaching dawn never arrives,

The colorless night ends without a light,

The fallacy based on a democracy,

A rainbow-winged big-beaked bird without flight.

They seek without adventure, without life;

Kitchen without knife, husband without wife,

Studies without study fills me with strife.

You, yes you, forever you, unlearning who

Lapped up that abhorrent yellow vomit,

regurgitates with your name up on it?

Study, my friend, learn, for we are human

Free will and a mind to use, it’s human

We’re alive ;we live, give, weave and heave,

We must scream and witness before we leave.

You must cut off the strings that goes up to

the laughing mouths; they never let up, do

or do not, nobody can tell you to,

you alone decide what you turn into.


AminTheRanter, Selangor.