Game of Cards

Dear Diary,

I told you yesterday that I was a fool

I told you that today would be different

I told you that today I’d make a stand

And I also mentioned how

I’d try to win at this hand

But I’m here now

Telling you that I’ve failed

I couldn’t guess the hand

And I’ve been humiliated once again;

If I were playing with cash

I wouldn’t really give a damn

Cause this game’s playing with my feelings

So I cannot do anything rash..

Dear Diary,

You told me that it was like a game

That I shouldn’t attempt to solve it

If I could not bear the bad endings

And that time would prove me wrong

Again and again

But I thought that I had grown stronger

That I could deal with a new hand

But I realise now, more than ever

That love plays a game of cards

That no one can truly win in.
14 JULY 2016

10:29 PM

Sky Wei.