A swell man

I met a swell man,

Not young.

With a bowler and a cane,

and a two piece with no name.


He is a saint,

To be found by the Ministry without complaint,

A degree of Accounting,

In a firm, with well to do pay.


He paid his taxes,

Has a family of three,

The Gods of Modern Man,

A phone, a comp and an SUV


He has his boys in the bar,

Every Thursday, with a shot of Tequila,

Never got drunk, always under the limit.


We shook hands, and bid farewell.

We parted our ways, but I called out,

‘Number 24601,that was his name,

Don’t forget Sunday’s the big game’.



Inspired by W.H. Auden.

June 2015,



Liew HW, KL.