The lady, the gentleman and the garden; Part Two: My Gentleman on the Garden

I had showered our garden,
with flowers to amaze you.
To attain you in a lost,
in its fine sanctuary view.
The space was truly little,
not for us to sway or dance.
But I had left colourful butterflies,
for your liking as you glance.

That fancy white garment-
are too big for me to don now.
That garland had withered-
we need nothing more than our vow.

Whatever questions you have,
do not retain it any longer.

Tell me now in this moment,
for time is waste in linger.

If your love are in till,
then the key is with me.

I could not stand before you,
for my soul are set free.

Please stand and hush your crying,
the fare to that question is always-
“Because I could not stop from dying”


A.SYAHM, Kuala Lumpur


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