Let us Paint, World

What I am is a body of water,

I am fluid; always moving matter,

Eroding the earth I change the world

even if only the heart of a girl

A never-finished canvas I stand,

Paint me with colors even though it fades,

ev’ry word a stroke; ev’ry slow smile can

make me or break me before the big gate

Color me the crimson in my veins, world

Feed my burning rage at my own mistakes,

Numb my sick stomach with things that you take,

Stoke my fury so I don’t hesitate, world

Color me the pale pretty ocean, world

Tinge my heart with your melancholic tears,

Taint my years of pride with my own failures,

Soften me with your irrational fears, world

Color me the gold we mine from you, world

So I fight for my immortality,

Stand strong, unbroken with vitality,

My motivation without penalty, world

Throw me colors, red and blue and gold, world

So I infect all of you around me,

Stand and witness my magnum opus! The

Marbled painting; my stance, my art achieved,

Stand! Watch this canvas live and watch me leave


AminTheRanter, KL.


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