Fallen Innocence (Inocencia caida)

I heard your laughter in my mind, Anastasia;

And I saw the sweet innocence in your face,

As the fireflies lighted up around you,

In that cool Summer night.

Deeds were sworn and friends were made,

You told me your childhood dream…..


You vowed not be swayed,

Nor be tempted by anything,

Keeping that promise alive forever in your heart,

Running free in the rye field,

Butterflies danced around you,

You were humming that “Laputa” tune….


Many years had gone by,

I’ve not heard from you since,

Of the promise to fight for justice & freedom,

You’ve grown up to become a person of binding words,

Eloquent in common justice and law,

But you were busy chasing other dreams….


You once said in that innocence voice,

Freedom nurtures hopes & dreams,

Justice protects and upheld freedom,

They are the roots of humanity,

In time becomes a great tree bearing fine fruits,

Fruits of our conscience & righteousness…


But your childhood dream were kept locked in a dungeon,

It was calling out to you,

To keep your promise alive,

To save it from the insanity of this chaotic world.

And the clutches of the corrupted souls,

But you were too ‘occupied’ chasing fame and money….


The Sun had ceases to shine in this part of your heart,

Where your childhood dream was a prisoner of your own doing,

Like haunting portraits hanging in your glamorous hall, 

Like careless whispers that echo in the dark,

Your fallen innocence had kept you away,

From your childhood friend…..


I heard your utterance of curses and betrayals,

Many years had passed as your were now left grown old,

Looking back through the years,

Searching for your old friend,

Only to find out it had died and gone to heaven,

Regretting over the broken promise…..


The Angels came on the day you died,

And left without your soul,

For they have not seen any kindness in your heart,

Only greed and envy, and,

The chains that restrained your dead promise,

For you will be buried without your childhood dream……

Tofu the Cat.

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