We weren’t always this way.

 I’ve lost count of our awkward encounters.

Was it two? Maybe three?

Do you even remember?

If you asked me, I can’t give an answer.

I’ve been busy lately,

Comprehending these feelings I harbour.


We weren’t always this way.

I thought it was resentment, but I know I’ve forgiven.

I thought it was hatred, but that takes too much effort,

I thought it was hurt, but I realized I had no reason.


We weren’t always this way.

The hollow hallways doesn’t make it easier.

The clashing schedules doesn’t help either.

It’s not that I can’t run away,

It’s that the emotions I feel when I see you are too overwhelming.


We weren’t always this way.

 So forgive me if I shiver,

Or if I start to walk faster.

When I catch a glimpse of your figure,

Sometimes I can’t stand the cold shoulder.


We weren’t always this way.

They ask me if I’m fine,

Maybe they noticed me straightening my spine,

Or maybe they heard me sigh,

The obvious sign that you just passed by.


We weren’t always this way.

Neither were we lovers,

Nor were we “just friends”,

So why does the hurt seem to never end?


Tell me, darling.

Will we always be this way?


Nia, A. , Sabah.