Lie, it’s the new truth 

In acknowledging a skewed perception

In appeasing to peer’s expectations

In safeguarding faces and retaining status-quo

In toeing the line in which majority rules
Yarns of lies

Were spread evenly on our fields of perspective

Like a spider we spun, spin and map our web of mistruth

We build layers upon layers of suppositions

Some would say

Its mainly for our protection

Some would smirked and claimed

Its their birth right bright rite entitlement

And would boast on their supposed cleverness

On a platform socially welcomed

As the ultimate medium

If lie was the new truth

I rather be on my own

I rather not having plastic friends for my company

For when we professed lie as the new truth

We read ourselves

As a book created to preach on rhetorical ideals

Through meteoric actualization

After sacrificing every available greens we set our eyes on

Standing on the highest peak

Stark naked

Wearing nothing but our fractal nano-clothing

Grinning happily at our make-believe achievement

It’s just that this time

Not a single kid would care to point out the obvious

For they too

Too occupied with their artificial tangible cold handheld iron

The invisible hand had ceased to make its grand entrance

Fool’s folly fulfilled

Triumph to the masses


Rozmanshah Abdullah, Kuala Lumpur