I am poetry

I am Poetry
More than just a name
You can toss me out
Squeeze me
Throw me into the sea
Stomp me
Tear me apart
Box me
But you can never break me

Because no matter what
I will be one piece again
As good as new
Come back I will
And pen another verse
To startle you
Even more

And once you know me
Truly well
You’d want to hug me
Really really hug me
But please not too hard
Otherwise my words
Would all get jumbled up

I am your laughter

I am your joy

And one day you will know
That poetry never dies
Never fades away
Because it comes
From the bottom
Of your soul

And once you find
Your own poetry
It will always be with you
And makes you feel
So special


Michael Lim, Penang.