A day for the underdogs

Well, well, well!

The whole world knows by now, impossible dreams can come true,

In the game of professional soccer, it has just been proven at Leicester,

Starting the season with a laughable 5,000 to 1 odds of winning the Championship,

Leicester has the last laugh now, they have topped the 2016 Premier League,

They are into their victory parades and celebrations, ticker tapes and partying,

A minnow in spending with prudent management in the world of soccer,

They confounded all the disbelieving sport pundits who think they know better,

For when all the battle dust is settled, they are the Premier League Champions!
Of less epic proportions are the latest sporting achievements here in Asia,

Somewhere in the unlikely courts of Chinese Taipei, member countries of Asia,

They were battling it out for bragging rights to be the best in Asian Squash,

Of particular significance was the women teams event, team spirits at its best,

The 2nd seeded Indian team knocked out the top seeded team from Hongkong,

The Indian team were in the finals after a surprising 2-0 drubbing of Hongkong,

The Malaysian team, seeded 3rd, was a rookie team headed by Delia Arnold,

She is the only veteran seasoned in these kind of team competitions.
In the final shootout, it was rather tame affair as the players strutted their stuff,

First to court was 17year old Sivasangari who despatched her Indian rival 3-0,

Next in court was captain Delia Arnold who was classy as a 30 year old veteran,

Her game against her Indian rival Joshanna Chinappa was a quite dicey affair,

Losing her first game, then having to dig it in to carve out a win in the second,

There were many an anxious moment as each player tried to dominate the other,

But playing the captain role to perfection, Delia Arnold presevered to be a winner,

Deservedly, the Malaysian Captain secured the winning point for the gold medal!!
Back in Kuala Lumpur, a miracle of sorts was recently achieved on a playing field,

A local rugby team, against all odds and in spite of little or no publicity,

Outran and outfought other international teams to claim the Division One title,

An incredible triumph on home soil to win in this Asian Rugby Championship,

Of course we have have the services of 3 Fijians, as foreigners in the other teams,

What is significant is that we have a winning team in this international sport.
Well, well, well! Heads up, underdogs!


Jimmy Chin K.