After Dark

tonight, the obsidian sky looks like

a charcoal bun with diamond sesame seeds.

it is quieter than usual, or has the night

decided to go on mute?

the wind has forgotten its inhaler

because I can’t even feel its breath blowing softly on

my cheeks, trying to make me feel the cold rush,

or softly brushing my hair, untangling the stubborn knots that my

hairbrush couldn’t.

as the silence continues, chaos unleashed

inside my mind bombards each empty brain

space with questions that I do not have answers:

are there piranhas swimming inside my tubes?

are there barricades that need breaking?

for 1,095 days I’ve listened, I’ve waited

and with day’s end I could hear the cry

of my faint heart growing louder and louder

pleading to hear that beautiful sound

of a tiny heartbeat.



Naddy Zahari, KL.

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