The window of opportunity,

As they say,

The window to that girl,

I said to myself,

Oh how I would love to get into that window,

Yet she never opened the window for me.


Closing it shut she did,

Putting super-glue around it she did,

Ensuring that I couldn’t break it.


Not once she open the window for me,

Open for others to enter.

As if I’m a zombie that would bite her in plain sight,

Yet I too am a human being.


Every window I went,

It remains closed forever,

Never to open for me,

I felt disappointment & crushed,

I cried at the corner.


Yet someday,

I’ll find that open window,

For there lies my true love,

Who’ll spent an enternity with me,

For better or worse,

That will be the day.

Arif Jauhari, KL.