The Night Owl

I live for nights

After the sun goes down

When the skies are no longer orange

Instead, deep hues of prussian
I live for nights with people

Gathered around dinner tables

Conversing with ease

About many a topic
I live for nights with friends

Sleepy as they may be

Still willing to have drinks

And laugh at the lamest things
I live for nights with honesty

The only time we can open up totally

To tell that one person everything

Going to sleep feeling utter liberty
I live for nights with inspiration

Where the poets and artists express

What the day before has taught them

On all their different canvasses
I live for nights with dreams

The only place romance is unrequited

When Prince Charming pays a visit

And you wake up feeling nothing but bliss
I long for nights with stars

And time to look up and see

The constellations in the cloudless sky

Knowing our dreams have been achieved




Abigail Lim, Selangor.