There is this poverty that exists

Only recently, has it occurred

Resources had been diminished

Nothing in sight, as if a desert
Emptiness fills the air

A void presently there

Making even the toughest of them all weep

To see no hope, while you are knee deep

In quicksand, quick someone give us a fix and

Pray that everything will be okay

Give us hope in hope

That we could make it through the day
Calm and collected?

Don’t let that be an illusion

My soul has formed a contusion

And i am far from any form of solution
Like a weary traveller, looking at a mirage

Trying to keep moving but the limbs won’t budge

Oh this heat is killing me

As the still dry air starts to mimic me

Telling me, boy, you’re as stagnant and dull as me

What makes you think that we are far from symmetry

I cannot stand this mimicry

I need to escape, i need to break free

My sense of self is running on empty

As the desert laid before your eyes to see
This poverty exists inside of me

Give me dark clouds so that it would rain down

From a great height, keep the barren sun outta sight

Let oceans pour out like how emotions are being poured out in this poem

Let it drown all my sorrows like how it drowned the enemies of Moses and Noah
Water is wisdom, and wisdom is water

And like a thirsty traveller, i need more than what my cupped hands could fill

Not another mirage, because this time i want it to be real




Aizat Nazli, KL.