Old friend

Old friend,

We used to be so close, that there’s no gap between us

So close, like a deck of cards stacked perfectly together

We used to follow each other around

Like a lost little duckling being grateful after finding its mother


Old friend,

I guess the world turned 360 after we left each other

We are so far from each other that a single hello won’t work

Not even a long text with multiple smileys will work

It’s worse as there’s no sorrow left in this unoccupied heart

There isn’t any longing for this once a beautiful tie of knot

I guess it’s just a rotting old knot that is left to untangle itself


Old friend,

I remembered perfectly how it happened

The rock that shattered this friendship into pieces

The wind that blew this friendship far away

The last moment we ever talked face to face

The last moment we both heard our voices changing words

I guess that was our last moment

Though I hope “us” could be mended

And that very last moment is actually a start to a better friendship.




Afiq Shahril, Perak.