My sword

I am a wanderer/ Geohound as many are familiar with that word,

Seeking adventure & some redemption wherever I go,

From village to village,

From town to town,

Even stop by at the occasional cities from time to time.


My main weapon remains the same: A Sword.


From the 1st day I wield that sword,

It speaks to me,

Telling me that I’ll be alright,

Telling me that I can defeat my enemy now,

Telling me that please do take care of me properly,

Telling me to remain calm at all times.


Many weapons & blades I’ve wield,

But none are the same as my sword,

As elegantly as other weapons & blades are compared to my sword,

It’ll be my true companion in my job,

Alongside my fellow comrades in this journey of redemption & self-discovery.


Arif Jauhari, KL.