Then the sentient being stood,

With the fire of the Seventh Wonder.

Heir of the God-Man,

Emblazed the Night Sky.


The Pearl of the Mediterranean

The heartbeat of the world.

The Gods then praise

The Fire Eternal Burneth.


The Centre of Thought,

Of Euclid, Archimedes, Plotinus

Will hail the glory

That set the mind ablaze.


Bow, great men, hence,

Ptolemy at his best,

The Heir of the Great crowned,

In the majestic seat of Fire.


Many turn, many mourn,

The King that bears the name,

Of the world, of peace, knowledge and power.

Caesar’s Fire of envy.


The Fire burnt the Fire,

Intellect was disgraced,

Fear not the Sun,

For the judgement of infidels draweth nigh.

Liew HW, KL.