Lord Leviathan

Inspired by Thomas Hobbes…

Give him gifts of silver and bronze,

Burn him incense of frankincense,

Owe him thus with taxes and bonds,


Hark the Leviathan riseth!


Supreme power, world dominion,

Nothing escapes his jurisdiction

Bow him in idols east and west


Hail the Lord Leviathan.


Jingles of showering silver coins,

Hordes of warm and bright gold

Hail the Dragon, dark and wise,


The Lord Leviathan behold.


Men cower, women fear,

But the fool and wise revere,

Supreme reign, just his charm,


That is Prophet Leviathan.


End is nigh, end is near,

Men meek and weak will fear.

That tyrant’s reign, men will cheer,


Long Live Lord Leviathan


Liew HW, KL.