I was always happy.

Being with you was always a dream come true every day

Daily I’d wait for you to return home

You’d bring home dinner

I’d get you the paper

Then we’d watch TV while I lay on your lap

You’d tell me about your stressful days at work

your strong arms around my shoulder

And hands stroking my hair

And whenever we get the chance, we’d touch our noses together

Then you start hanging out with the redhead

See you texting her all the time

I know when you’re away you would be with her

I can smell her on you

And you’ll come back too tired

Now you barely even notice me around

call me a clingy bitch but how could you?

Is she as cute as I? Is she as loving as I?

What’s worst is when you brought her home

I couldn’t believe it, she looks so thin like a hairless monkey

She puts on so much make up on her flat face

And you still choose her over me?

Oh sure just because she’s your type and wears fancy clothes

All I have is this collar, that you gave me

I mean, I’ve always been good to you

I bake brownies at the porch, the way you told me to

I chase away intruders

like that man who always litters your front door with paper

And cats! I know you don’t like cats, I hate cats.

Her? She’s just going to be wasting your money, and time

Eww! What are you doing to her mouth?

You’re supposed to lick, not suck!

I’ll never understand you people

But you’ve never understood me either

Ugh I am not staying around anymore

where’s my bone? I need to chew something

I am not happy!


Isaac Se Hoo, KL.