In the Beginning, we are nothing,

In the End, we are dust.

In the meantime, let us accept our destiny,

Every pride comes before a fall.


Tall Colossus touched the sky,

As great Babel rose against God,

Capitalism is always self seeking,

Communism is less just.


Spirit knows, spirit goes,

Where chaos makes a turn,

Where Man will be, Man will burn,

To the depths of Hell will boast.


The Earth is ours,

And the Universe is mine.

I’m the King of the World,

Doesn’t Man live on bread alone?


The End. The curtain calls.

Mr Director walks on stage.

C’mon kids, show’s over.

All the world’s a cinema.


Man doth come from dust,

Man to dust return,

Submit, if you must,

Still your world will burn.



Liew, HW.