Dream a little dream of me

The bed lies there cool and neat, as we stand there our eyes meet,

Her hand soft and gentle claims mine, my heart raced as the moon continued to shine,

She looked different under the lunar light, her hair cascading in the wind free as a kite,

Her eyes grew darker and began to narrow, my hands on her hips, together we cast a single shadow.


We moved closer to each other, she looks up as our bodies grew closer,

Her lips parted as she leaned forward, I stood there frozen thinking “Kiss her you coward!”

In an instant I felt bliss, despite my cowardice she didn’t miss,

Our lips tickled as they paired, one move after another, I admit I was scared.


I didn’t want her to leave that night, but as soon as it started she was out of sight,

I lay there wondering how she fills me with glee, someone as stiff and blue as me,

I fell into blissful slumber and dreamt of a garden with tulips, I caressed the flowers and thought… “She would like this”.

I heard a voice say “I do” from behind, I turned and smiled as my dreams had been kind.

I saw her there in a cloak of white and with a giggle she said” come closer, I won’t bite.


As I approached I couldn’t help but admire the seams of her gown,

A hidden stone made me lose my footing, I should’ve looked down.

I fell onto her then the ground,

Both littered in tulips with nary a frown.


Our eyes met once again,

Frozen as though a spell was cast….,

I arose in bed, the night had passed,

I didn’t want it to end, even if it was for the briefest moment…

I yearned to dream again.


Kajendra Balan, Penang.