Calling of the Planetal Dragon

I have this dream,

That I was a dragon,

Clad in bluish armor,

From top to bottom as well as around the wings,

Holding a giant lancer,

Soaring into the galaxy.


I never know what these dreams were meant to be,

All I know was that I felt that I could defeat my enemies,

Yet without the support of my comrades,

I couldn’t be to where I am now,

But when I woke up,

I was holding this card,

A cardfight vanguard card.


It named is ” Sanctuary of Light, Planetal Dragon”

A name that could strike fear to anybody,

Yet I’ve grown fond of it.


Which is why I’m not afraid to say this words,

Descend from the heavens, proud bluish knight & lead the sanctuary to victory,

Rise up my avatar !!

I ride ! Sanctuary of Light, Planetal Dragon.

Arif Jauhari, KL.